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How to stand properly from a seated position.

One of the most common problems I hear from patients visiting me in clinic with back pain are; "it feels worse or is aggravated by standing up from a sitting position".

There is a simple way to minimise this problem, and that is by using good form to protect your joints and muscles from over working.

Most people are constantly aggravating their back by faulty movement patterns and they don't even know they are doing it. Correcting your form will not only cause your back less pain whilst you're in a flare up but will also reduce the risk of future flares or issues.

The first demonstration is how you SHOULD NOT perform sitting to standing. Lunging from the head and upper back causes bend and strain on the lower back.

The second demonstration limits the strain by not allowing any bend in the low back. This is how you SHOULD perform this.

1. Shuffle closer to the edge of the seat. 2. Put one leg in front of the other (ideally strongest leg at the back). 3. Brace your abdominals and keep a neutral spine. 4. Drive through your legs and hips.

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