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Dead bug exercise for core lumbar flexor endurance strengthening.

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Your muscles provide a stabilising role to your spine and surrounding joints. Weak core muscles mean your spine has to endure more load and stress, this is something you NEED to address in order to have a healthy spine. This video demonstates the dead bug exercise which helps improve your flexor endurance for those muscles which enable you to bend forward.

An unsupported spine will increase the chance of spinal injury and thus bouts of back pain. Essentially, the stronger your core muscles are, the more your back can endure before getting hurt. Doing exercise to improve strength is the key, and this exercise should not take up much of your day. 3 sets of 10 are sufficient and can be done in no longer than a couple of minutes. These exercises can be done daily, although every few days is also fine.

Give it a go today and improve your spine health! #Deadbug #backpain #Corestrength #Bournemouth #chiropractor #mobilechiro

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