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Bags and upper body discomfort!

Neck, shoulder and back pain is extremely common and there are many reasons for why people suffer with it. One of those reasons is due to the unhealthy way we carry bags, handbags and rucksacks. Carrying bags is inevitable, and will cause strain on our joints and tissues, however we can limit how much damage we do.

Carrying bags on one side frequently is going to cause an unhealthy and uneven load on our body, which done too much will lead to injury and degeneration.

The best way to limit damage and odds of discomfort is to share the load of the bags on your body so there is less torque on the spine and tissues. Changing the side we carry frequently or wearing bags with straps for both shoulders is the best way to distribute an even load.

Try this is you are someone that likes to carry your bags on one side. The best time to make a change is now!

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