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The initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and consists of a patient history and examination. The chiropractor will ask important questions regarding the history of the complaint and anything else which will help provide a clear clinical picture of the issue at hand. General health questions may be asked.


The physical examination will then aid the chiropractor further in making a clinical diagnosis. The chiropractor will use neurological and orthopaedic tests, this may involve stressing joints, ligaments and muscles. 


Following on from the initial consultation, the chiropractor will give you a clear breakdown of his findings, explaining the diagnosis and its cause. He will then explain the treatment plan and expected recovery time. 


Once your chiropractor has explained your condition and advised you on your treatment options, treatment can commence. This will usually take place straight after the report of findings. Here your chiropractor will use evidence based treatment modalities that will be tailored to getting you back to full health as fast as possible. Treatment times usually last around 30 minutes.

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